Onkyo Launch The TX-8150 - Stereo Network Receiver

Review - Onkyo - TX-8150 - Stereo Network Receiver

Onkyo - TX-8150 - Stereo Network Receiver

Onkyo Launch The TX-8150 - Stereo Network Receiver
O nkyo are better known for AV receivers but here's a Stereo Network Receiver from Onkyo the TX-8150 £549. A good summary for the TX-8150 would be Network Audio player or streamer with built in amplification. Just add a pair of stereo speakers or headphones.

The Onkyo TX-8150 offers 135 Watts per channel of pure high-current analogue power courtesy of a discrete low-impedance amplification system.

There are many input options for the TX-8150 TV sound via digital inputs, music streaming from Spotify over Wi-Fi®, iTunes via AirPlay, MP3s from USB drives, audio from mobile apps via Bluetooth technology, and both FM , DAB+ and internet radio. The TX-8150 has a phono preamp or phono stage for turntable replay. In total then the TX-8150 has four digital and six analogue inputs. BGM Pre-sets store four favourite FM, DAB+, and internet radio stations.

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