Offer On Pre-Ordering Audiolab 8300 Range or MDAC+

Review - Audiolab 8300 Range

Audiolab 8300 Range

Offer On Pre-Ordering Audiolab 8300 Range or MDAC+
A udio Affair has an offer on pre=ordering the Audiolab MDAC + or any 8300 product - Pre-order any 8300 model or M-DAC+ before September 30th 2015 and not only will you be one of the first UK owners when they ship early October, but they'll also include a FREE QED uPlay Plus Bluetooth streamer (worth £79)!

As they also say - Since the launch of the original 8000A integrated amp in 1983, Audiolab have been a key player in the hi-fi industry, offering products that combine high end performance with budget prices. The 8300 range (new for 2015) updates the 8200 range, which has seen a host of stellar reviews and awards.

You can read more about the Audiolab 8300 or MDAC + offer via the first link below.

HiFi Enthusiast has more on all the latest from Audiolab, including the MDAC + and the Audiolab 8300 series, via the second link :-

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