New silver-gold Marantz Melody Media M-CR611

Review - Marantz MCR611

Marantz MCR611

New silver-gold Marantz Melody Media M-CR611
T he Marantz Melody Media (M-CR611) their award-winning All-in-One-Model is now also available in silver-gold. Until now, the elegant network CD receiver has only been available in black or black-apple white versions. Melody Media (M-CR611) is one of the most popular products in the Marantz range ever and has continually impressed customers with its versatility and abundance of great features.

The Melody Media Network CD Receiver (M-CR611) offers the renowned Marantz sound quality as well as everything you could wish for when listening to Music: WLAN, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Spotify Connect, DAB +, FM and Internet radio as well as a high-quality CD drive are just some of the fantastic features this model has to offer.

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