Naim Powerline Lite is reviewed by Hi-Fi World

Review - Naim Powerline Lite

Naim Powerline Lite

Naim Powerline Lite is reviewed by Hi-Fi World
N aim's new power cable the Powerline lite is reviewed by Hi-Fi World. The Powerline lite comes as standard with the new Naim Uniti 2017 range but is available to buy separately at £95. Hi-Fi World award the Powerline Lite their full 5 globes with an initial verdict of Recommended upgrade for users of Naim gear. Also makes a good case for itself when used in a non-Naim system.

■ Positive points were :-

- opens up soundstage
- improved bass
- treble clarity

■ Negative points were :-

- differences are subtle

Hi-Fi World go onto conclude about the Naim Powerline Lite - If you are already an owner of Naim components below the 500 and Statement range then I’d say the new Powerline Lite should be a mandatory listen for an upgrade. Owners of other components may also want to take a listen as for £95 it provides good value for money.

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