NAD launches the V2 version of the D 3020 - Integrated amp

Review - NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020

NAD launches the V2 version of the D 3020 - Integrated amp
N AD has launched a version 2 of the D 3020 integrated amp, which will be cheaper than the original and offer better functionality and sound quality. What not to love! …

■ Key Features of the NAD D 3020 V2 Amplifier are:-

• Best of Both Worlds – High performance Moving Magnet Phono Stage added for vinyl lovers to complement digital connectivity

• Preamp Output for added connection flexibility

• New easier-to-read front panel display

• Higher performance, Lower Lows – NAD’s advanced digital engineering delivers lower distortion, lower noise and lower power consumption.

• Energy-Saving – new design technology consumes less power to operate

• Eco-Friendly – new models contain fewer non-renewable resources to manufacture.

• Compact footprint- can be used almost anywhere, either vertically or horizontally

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