Monitor Audio launch the New Silver Series

Review - Monitor Audio Silver Series 2017

Monitor Audio Silver Series 2017

Monitor Audio launch the New Silver Series
M onitor Audio have launched the New Silver Series of speakers at High End Munich 2017. The New Silver Series is the 6th generation of the Silver series so is known as silver 6G. Using ground breaking technology developed for the flagship Platinum Series II, the new Silver Series features completely redesigned Gold Dome tweeters for smooth, sweet treble paired with their RST driver technology for performance.

From the floorstanding Silver 500 to the compact stand mount Silver 50, each of the 9 models have been expertly created to extract the most from your recordings.

Add a Silver centre channel and the dedicated Silver powered subwoofer for an unforgettable multi-channel experience that brings the cinema home.

Handcrafted cabinets feature selected, premium quality wood veneers, high-gloss lacquer and Satin White finishes.

The New Silver Series will be available Summer 2017

■ The Silver series 9 speaker line up is -

• Silver 50 – stand mounter

• Silver 100 stand mounter

• Silver 200 floor stander

• Silver 300 floor stander

• Silver 500 floor stander

• Silver C150 centre channel speaker

• Silver C350 centre channel speaker

• Silver FX rear and side channel speaker

• Silver W-12 sub-woofer

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