McIntosh launches the MB100 Media Bridge in the U.K.

Review - McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge

McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge

McIntosh launches the MB100 Media Bridge in the U.K.
T he £5,995 McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge: is a media streamer with a 1TB (Terabyte) internal hard drive. The MB100 is actually much more than a traditional digital media bridge as it includes an externally accessible USB DAC.

The McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge streamer takes full advantage of the latest McIntosh technologies and gives users access to web-based music plus digital files from its generous 1TB hard drive.

Hand-built in McIntosh’s Binghamton (NY) factory, the MB100 Media Bridge combines huge internal storage with a wide range of inputs and can easily serve as a digital media ‘hub’, bringing the legendary McIntosh sound quality to a wide range of digital music.

The MB100 has four USB inputs, plus an eSata port for the direct connection of external drives. Its high-speed network port offers direct connection to online streaming services including: Pandora®; SiriusXM®; Spotify®; Rhapsody and TuneIn (where available, subscriptions may be required); while additional streaming services may be added in the future. Internet radio stations can also be added as presets.

For integration into existing home audio systems, the McIntosh MB100 has two analogue and two digital outputs, plus it can be connected via USB to other McIntosh USB-enabled products. Users can also create two independent audio zones when using the USB connection in combination with either the analogue or digital outputs.

The McIntosh MB100 will automatically synchronise content stored on networked computers, making an even wider range of digital content readily accessible. When connected to a monitor or panel, slideshow playback of stored photos is also possible during music replay.
Digital content can be backed up to Amazon Cloud Drive or Apple iCloud. This service also allows for music to be synchronised across multiple homes or locations. The MB100 can also be configured so that new music purchases from either cloud service can be automatically added to the device’s library.

The McIntosh MB100 utilises the same low distortion eight-channel 32-bit/192kHz DAC as found in the recently released McIntosh D100 digital preamp, which is isolated from the motherboard. The operating system and music player are housed on a state-of-the-art solid-state hard drive for fast response times, quiet operation and durability. The MB100 can be controlled via an iOS or Android app, a web browser, or a remote control with TV interface. It is also compatible with many popular home automation systems allowing for easy integration into existing set-ups.

■ Specifications

• Frequency response: ±1dB from 2Hz to 22kHz
• Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
• Rated output voltage: 2.0Vrms unbalanced; 4.0Vrms balanced

■ Inputs:

• 4x USB (2 USB 2.0/2 USB 3.0)
• 1x Network (10/100/1000)
• 1x eSata

■ Outputs:

• 2x Analogue (1x balanced, 1x unbalanced)
• 1x Coaxial
• 1x Optical
• 1x USB audio (compatible only with McIntosh products that accept USB audio)
• 1x HDMI (for GUI only)
• 1x DVI (for GUI only)

■ Content Storage:

1TB internal hard drive (external hard drives connected via USB and eSata)

■ Embedded Streaming Services:

Pandora®, SiriusXM®, Spotify®, Rhapsody and TuneIn (where available, subscriptions may be required)

■ Dimensions (WxHxD):

44.54cm x 9.8cm x 40.64cm

Weight: 6.1 kg 4

■ Price and availability

The MB100 sells for £5,995 and is available now.

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