Magico's first "Affordable" Speaker The A3

Review - Magico A3

Magico A3

Magico's first "Affordable" Speaker The A3
W hen it comes to ultra-high-end speakers, no manufacturer has made a bigger splash this millennium than California’s Magico. In the 14 years since the launch of its first commercial product, the company has continually harnessed exemplary science and engineering to deliver some of the best-sounding loudspeakers on the planet, right up to the Magico Ultimate – an astounding made-to-order transducer that costs not far shy of three-quarters of a million pounds per pair.

The first quarter of 2018 sees the launch of the A3 – Magico’s most ‘affordable’ loudspeaker design (although ownership will still set you back the best part of £12,000 per pair). Highlights include a fully braced and anodised aircraft-grade aluminium enclosure – built the way only Magico does it – with carbon Nanographene cones, a beryllium tweeter and Magico’s renowned elliptical crossover network. It may look unostentatious compared to more outwardly ‘showy’ high-end designs, but it simply outperforms any other speaker at the price.

■ Price and availability

The Magico A3 has a UK RRP of £11,998 inc. VAT per pair. Orders are now being taken for delivery this spring.


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