Linn launch the Linn Exakt Dorik - Active speaker stands

Review - Linn Exakt Dorik - Active speaker stands

Linn Exakt Dorik - Active speaker stands

Linn launch the Linn Exakt Dorik - Active speaker stands
T he £9,500 Linn Exakt Dorik stands were developed as part of the Exakt Akudorik speaker, and are also available separately as an upgrade for other stand-mounted speakers.

This is much more than just a solid support for your speakers, as each stand houses four channels of Chakra amplification and all the electronics needed to convert a passive speaker into an Exakt speaker, in a cleverly integrated package.

Linn’s Exakt system eliminates magnitude and phase distortion, corrects for drive unit variation, and optimises your speakers for your room, giving you incredible performance that’s personalised for you.

Each stand is fed a digital signal using the Exakt Link connection from an Exakt DSM. The Exakt electronics and amplification are housed in the suspension-mounted module that feeds each of the drive units in your speaker its own independent signal. Powered by a Linn Dynamik power supply, the module is passively cooled, avoiding the need for noisy fans.

Linn Exakt Dorik stands currently support Linn’s Akurate 212 speakers and are supplied with a pair of 8-way speaker cables that connect the stand to your speakers.

Support for other speakers will be added in the coming months.

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