Linn End Pre-Amplifier Production and Offer Pre-Amp Trade In Deal

Review - Sneaky DSM

Sneaky DSM

Linn End Pre-Amplifier Production and Offer Pre-Amp Trade In Deal
J ust As Linn ceased manufacturing CD Players back in 2009, Linn have now called time on any more analogue Linn Pre Amps. Linn have a simple reason for this - Their DSM digital technology is now way better than anything they could do in the purely analogue domain. Linn DSM players can be connected to a turntable so are not purely digital source devices. In the digital domain they offer Space Optimisation (A room acoustic / speaker placement sound quality correction mechanism) and connection to streaming services such as Tidal , Qobuz and Spotify way beyond analogue capabilities.

Linn are offering existing and new customers help in transitioning from old analogue to new DSM technology with a special promotion offering 10% off the cost of any Linn DSM for consumers trading in a pre-amp from Linn or any other manufacturer from now until 14th August.

You can read more about Linn’s DSM technology and the trade in deal from Linn via the first link below :-

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on the latest Linn DSM systems and all the latest Linn news, via the second of the links below :-

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