KEF's Xmas 2016 promotions for purchasing the Egg or Muo

Review - KEF MUO Speakers

KEF MUO Speakers

KEF's Xmas 2016 promotions for purchasing the Egg or Muo
K EF have two Xmas promotions – buy the Muo get free M100 headphones and buy the Egg get free M400 headphones

"The MUO houses a powerful bass radiator and a more compact version of KEF's Uni-Q 'point-source' driver array, which works to fill the room with stunning sound"
Stuff Magazine

"This handsome and well-built aluminium speaker is effortlessly portable... For such a small speaker, the MUO has plenty of volume with reasonable bass levels, and its distortion-free even when it's loud."

"This combination of precision craftsmanship and polished sound quality make the KEF MUO easily one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers around. Classy stuff."
PC Advisor Magazine

"The EGGs are extremely agile with great clarity... whether used on a desktop, next to a TV, or on the floor of a living room the EGGs have a tuneful, smooth presentation, which surprises with its overall size."
Hi-Fi World Magazine.

"The EGGs distinctive design and flexible connectivity make for a great start, and they follow through with a stunning performance that is consistently competent across a variety of platforms."
What Hi-Fi Magazine.

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