KEF announces new iteration of the popular Q Series speakers

Review - KEF Q Series 2017

KEF Q Series 2017

KEF announces new iteration of the popular Q Series speakers
K EF has announced the launch of the 8th version of the Q Series of speakers. The Q Series has won accolades in the past for offering consumers a highly sophisticated and accomplished sound performance for a ‘mid-price’ outlay. The 2017 Q Series boasts a raft of new features and improvements that will enhance the Q Series’ reputation still further. The new Q Series consists of six models all pictured - two bookshelf speakers (Q150 and Q350), three floorstanding speakers (Q550, Q750 and Q950), and a centre speaker (Q650c).

The series offers a number of acoustic innovations and enhancements to make it the most accomplished Q Series range yet. KEF’s signature Uni-Q driver has been enhanced by adding a new Damped Tweeter Loading Tube, significantly enhancing performance in the lower treble. A new, low-distortion inductor on the crossover provides the new Q Series speakers with even cleaner bass.

The new range’s two bookshelf speakers – the Q150 and the Q350 – benefit from a CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) port design. This port has also been moved to the rear of the speaker, a move that improves clarity by reducing the audibility of midrange leakage through the port. The Uni-Q driver in the Q150 and Q350 has also been moved to the middle of the cabinet, reducing unwanted internal resonances, and improving sonic clarity and detail still further.

The new Q Series floorstanders (the Q550, Q750 and Q950) are also the beneficiaries of a range of acoustic enhancements. Their low-frequency drivers have a larger roll surround, and new spiders – both for a cleaner bass response at high volumes – while a new paper cone improves midrange clarity. In addition, the floorstanders’ ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) has been enhanced by a new surround and a new rear suspension, significantly delivering more controlled and potent bass, even at high volumes.

The new Q Series floorstanders also benefit from a new closed box midrange cabinet: this reduces the load on the Uni-Q midrange cone, increasing clarity and detail, as well as delivering a cleaner, punchier bass. Performance has benefited significantly as a result of improvements to the mid-bass driver, which have also facilitated the removal of a DC blocking capacitor, improving even further the speakers’ midrange clarity and a more natural bass roll-off between drivers.

The Q650c centre speaker also benefits from the closed-box midrange cabinet, reducing midrange excursion at low frequencies, thus elimination distortions. The Q650c is also enhanced by the new crossover component it shares with the new Q Series floorstanders.
Available in both black and white finishes, the design of KEF’s new Q Series is both elegant and modern, including a contemporary matt satin finish that gives the speakers an elegant presence as well as referencing the design world’s latest trends.

They also boast a seamless baffle, and magnetic grilles, guaranteeing a beautifully clean look. This is unusual at this price point, where most speakers will have unsightly holes or protrusions designed to accommodate the grille. With the brand new 8th iteration Q Series, KEF is set to deliver to music lovers even greater performance, value for money and owner satisfaction than ever before.

■ Key features for the KEF Q Series 8th iteration are –

• Uni-Q enhancement – new damped tweeter loading tube

• New Low-distortion inductor on crossover

• Floorstanders (Q550, Q750 and Q950) have new paper cone bass driver

• Floorstanders have closed-box midrange cabinet, reducing load on Uni-Q driver

• Improvements to bass drivers to create cleaner, punchier bass, even at high volumes

• Bookshelf speakers’ Uni-Q drivers moved to centre of cabinet

• New port design with port repositioned to rear of speaker – improves bass performance of bookshelf models (Q150 and Q350)

• Seamless baffles with magnetic grilles – neater look than most at this price point

• Available in stylish, on-trend White and Black matte finishes

■ Available to order now – Prices are:

• Q150 Bookshelf: £430 per pair

• Q350 Bookshelf: £530 per pair

• Q550 Floorstander: £850 per pair

• Q750 Floorstander: £1,150 per pair

• Q950 Floorstander: £1,430 per pair

• Q650c Centre: £550 per piece

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