Is The Moon Neo ACE Streamer ACE By Audiophile Apartment

Review - Moon Neo ACE

Moon Neo ACE

Is The Moon Neo ACE Streamer ACE By Audiophile Apartment
T he Moon Neo ACE Streamer - A complete streaming , integrated amp system, just add speakers and network is reviewed by Audiophile Apartment. The Moon Neo ACE Streamer is currently retailing at £2,800 here in the UK ($3,500 in the US). Audiophile Apartment certainly feel the ACE is ACE concluding :-

The Simaudio Moon Neo ACE is a component you can live with for a long time, and make multiple source and speaker upgrades before you might even entertain going back to separates again. We’re too new at The Audiophile Apartment to start handing out “product of the year” awards, but if we did, this would be a winner – by a long shot.

Major audiophiles in the audience, take note; TONEAudio will be featuring a more in-depth analysis in the weeks to come, running the ACE further through its paces with more analogue and digital sources as well as exercising all of the digital options.

However, the short recommendation, should you want a high performance, all in one component, the ACE is for you.

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