Is Quad's VA-One Integrated The One By Hi-Fi Choice

Review - Quad VA-One

Quad VA-One

Is Quad's VA-One Integrated The One By Hi-Fi Choice
T he £1,300 Quad VA-One, a valve integrated amp from the old school that also offers bang up to date Bluetooth reception and digital inputs is the subject of this 5 star review by Hi-Fi Choice. Is the VA-One the One ? Well Hi-Fi Choice sum it up with An impressive all-round amp that works wonders in a variety of setups

■ Strong points were - Excellent build and connectivity; involving, lively sound

■ On the minus side though there’s Slightly limited bass response; sounds a little better via digital

Hi-Fi Choice Conclude on the VA-One with - The VA-One is something of a star turn. The VA-One delivers at an emotional level in that it looks and feels precisely how we’d expect a Quad valve amplifier to be, and it partners this with a level of fit and finish that is impressive for the asking price. The masterstroke is combining this timeless charm with a selection of inputs and performance that are bang up to date. Used with a remotely sympathetic pair of speakers, it has all the headroom you could reasonably require alongside a selection of inputs that mean it can function as a hub for a useful array of sources. The VA-One might not be terribly big, but it is extremely clever.

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