Initial Findings For The Furutech SK-Filter

Review - Furutech SK-Filter

Furutech SK-Filter

Initial Findings For The Furutech SK-Filter
T his short 5 point review of the Furutech SK-Filter, a vinyl static remover, is thanks to David Denyer PR who does the PR for Furutech. The review starts with - before going off for review I simply had to try out the new Furutech SK-Filer for myself. Here's my 5-point review:

1. Despite my reservations, I found it sat perfectly happily on my skeletal construction Clearaudio Gmbh Master Reference turntable.

2. As billed: the brush does not touch the LP as it plays, it is not a hassle to use, and it doesn't look that bad either!

3. Also as promised it removes static. Even after playing an entire side the LP appears to be completely static-free.

4. Even more impressive: in common with the excellent Furutech DeMag and DeSat, the SK-Filter improves the sound. It's as if a slight fog or haze has been removed to reveal a beautifully clear more vibrant sound.

5. Which means, dammit, I'm going to have to buy one now!


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