If 2014 Award for the Kef M500 headphones

Review - Kef M500

Kef M500

If 2014 Award for the Kef M500 headphones
T he £250 KEF M500 headphones have picked up another international accolade – iF Product Design Award 2014! For over six decades, the iF design awards have recognized outstanding achievements in design making the M500s a worthy winner. iF Note

"The distinctive profile of the KEF M500 headphones references a musical note for its design language. The anodized cast aluminum frame provides a rigid construction for the headset and incorporates a unique two-axis foldable hinge (KEF’s Smart Hinge), making them more adaptable to different sized (and shaped) heads. Breathable sweat resistant ear pads and headband together with the ergonomic racetrack supra-aural ear shells that follow the contour of the human ear provide a tight acoustic seal for improved performance and good noise isolation; they are ideal for prolonged listening."

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