Hi-Fi Choice's Take On The Cyrus One

Review - Cyrus One

Cyrus One

Hi-Fi Choice's Take On The Cyrus One
H i-Fi Choice Take The Cyrus One Out for review and ask is the Cyrus One the One amp to rule them all ? Unlikely at the review price of just £699. They do award the Cyrus One with their full 5 stars overall, which when broken down is 5 stars for Sound Quality, features and value for money. It's just Build Quality where they find the Cyrus One slightly lacking. Their simple summary is - upmarket audio credentials at a
starter-system price.

■ Strong Points for the Cyrus One were :- Clean, dynamic power; innovative SID system; epic bass; value for money.

■ Weak points were :- Tiny remote feels temporary.

All in all Hi-Fi Choice conclude on the Cyrus One with - Cyrus may have been inspired to appeal to a new, younger 'enlightened’ audience that wants plug and play simplicity for vinyl, streamed and line sources, but the level of performance it has achieved within a single svelte box for a modest price, means seasoned audiophiles should be tempted. Thoroughly recommended.

There's an interesting comparison at the end of the Cyrus One vs both the newly reduced in price Arcam A29 and a great favourite of What Hi-Fi the Rega Elex-R.

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