Hi-Fi Choice's 5 start ELAC B5 Speaker Review

Review - ELAC Debut F5

ELAC Debut F5

Hi-Fi Choice's 5 start ELAC B5 Speaker Review
H i-Fi Choice review the ELAC F5, a budget floor standing speaker offering 4 drive units for the review price money of £599. It’s the full 5 stars for the B5s which breaks down into 5 stars for sound quality and value for money and 4 for build quality and drivability. Hi-Fi Choice sum up their recommended review with “Charming, exciting, musical budget box”

- Likes were - Punchy lyrical wide-bandwidth sound

- Dislikes were - Cabinet colouration; finish

Hi-Fi Choices final conclusion for the B5s is – The obvious sales proposition of Elac’s Debut F5 is that it’s a lot of speaker for relatively little money – but it’s more than just this. It is an extremely well-crafted budget floor stander in its own right, and well able to let the listener enjoy a wide range of music in the spirit it was intended. Whereas some speakers have an obvious character that flatters some types of music and detracts from others, this is very well rounded for a product of its price, and never less than fun to listen to. That’s a big achievement for a pair of sub-£600 speakers, so it comes highly recommended – this is one of the finest designs on sale in an already highly crowded budget floor stander marketplace

They go onto look at how the B5s compare against other models in the market place finding - King of the £600 slot is the Q Acoustics 3050; in standard finish it’s £500, but you can add £150 for exotic finishes like leather – which puts the Elac’s surfacing to shame. The 3050 is a thoroughbred, and has a smooth, open and musical sound that makes you question if you can do better at the price. The F5 obviously thinks so – it’s a little more fluid rhythmically than the Q, and has a wider bandwidth. It sounds a little more earthy and organic than the slick, hi-fi sound of the Q, possibly fractionally less refined in the treble, but with a more punchy and dynamic sound, and a fractionally brighter tonal balance. Ultimately both are excellent, so it’s wise to try before you buy.


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