Free KEF M100s Worth £99.95 when You buy A MUO

Review - KEF M 100 Headphones

KEF M 100 Headphones

Free KEF M100s Worth £99.95 when You buy A MUO
F rom 11th July - 11th September, every purchase of the highly acclaimed KEF MUO, will receive a pair of award-winning M100 earphones, worth £99.95 absolutely FREE!

Voted as the best portable wireless Bluetooth speaker from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision and leading gadget magazine STUFF, the diminutive MUO makes streaming and listening to music easy, convenient and truly impressive! And now with a bespoke Leather Protective cover, it’ll remain in tip-top condition even on the move.

Comfortable, lightweight and available in four fresh summer colours, the M100 earphones, FREE with every MUO purchase, fit snugly in your ears offering a supremely rich, detailed and musical KEF sound. Perfect for when the MUO needs to stay at home and you’re on the move this summer!

But hurry, this offer is available for a limited time only! Available through and participating retailers.


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