First Impressions Of The Devialet Gold Phantom By Pocket Lint

Review - Devialet Gold Phantom

Devialet Gold Phantom

First Impressions Of The Devialet Gold Phantom By Pocket Lint
P ocket Lint offer a first impressions review of the Devialet Gold Phantom. The Devialet Gold Phantom's retail price at the time of the review was £2,190. That by the way is for just 1 Gold Phantom. A stereo pair with matching stands comes in at £5,000 (wouldn't need an amplification though).

In summary, Pocket Lint says "Devialet Gold Phantom is an insane 4,500W Bluetooth speaker, yours for £2,190.Calling the Devialet Gold Phantom a Bluetooth speaker is akin to calling the Harmony of the Seas a rubber dinghy, although Bluetooth and wireless connectivity in general are significant aspects of its appeal. They make it a standalone product and therefore an attractive proposition as an all-round audio system, even though it is definitely in the high-end speaker category. You can connect a mobile device or computer to it wirelessly and play music through a Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth (including aptX) and even Spotify Connect.".

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