Best 5 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones As At Jan 2016 By What Hi-Fi

Review - AKG Y50BT - Wireless Headphones

AKG Y50BT - Wireless Headphones

Best 5 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones As At Jan 2016 By What Hi-Fi
T he Bluetooth headphone is becoming increasingly popular as in exchange for a slight increase in weight with batteries and amplification in the headphones - you get to listen wire free. No need to worry how tangle proof your headphone cable is ! What Hi-Fi have produced a list of their favourite wireless Bluetooth headphones. The 5 models in the list are all under £500 and cover the various price points in the sub £500 category. The headphones listed are :-

■ AKG Y45BT - £110

■ AKG Y50BT - £150

■ Philips Fidelio M2BT - £185

■ B&W P5 Wireless - £330

■ Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless - £380

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