Auralic's new streaming amp Polaris is reviewed by AV Forums

Review - Auralic Polaris

Auralic Polaris

Auralic's new streaming amp Polaris is reviewed by AV Forums
A uralic's new streaming amplifier the Polaris is out and AV Forums has given their verdict. The Polaris's review price was £3,500.00. The venerable All-In-One Hi-Fi Systems reviewer AV Forums has given the Polaris 8 out of 10.

■ Key strengths were seen as: Exceptional streaming front end - Powerful and refined sound - Superbly made.

■ Weak points for the Polaris were: App is iOS only - Phono stage is average.

AV Forums summarises the Polaris as "Over the last few months we have looked at a broad spread of these all-in-one devices and I feel extremely confident reiterating that, at the moment, the sheer level of performance that these devices offer is such that, as far as I am concerned, they represent the best bang for your buck at this price point. The good news is that there is enough variation in their specifications that the right one for you almost certainly already exists. What the Auralic Polaris offers is a compact but deeply capable digital fronted experience. This is one of the most innately capable streaming platforms on the market and this makes for a device that will get the best out of a digital library no matter how diverse it is and how many different formats it includes.".

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