Audio-T's Big Red Summmer Sale 2016

Review - Audioquest Dragonfly Black

Audioquest Dragonfly Black

Audio-T's Big Red Summmer Sale 2016
A udio-T's Big Red Summer Sale of 2016 is currently on, (follow the link below then click on a blue link to bring up a pdf file of what's in the sale). Audio-T quote 3 prices per item, the retail price, sale price and eclub member price (you have to join their eclub then you get a further 5 % off). There's a lot of kit in the sale, that's been replaced by a new model so lots of Marantz CD 6005, PM6005 and older 1.2 versions of the Audioquest Dragonfly. Of course Marantz now have the PM6006 and CD6006 and the Audioquest have the two new Dragonflies.

However there's also a lot of current Naim equipment reduced in the sale such as the Unitilite BT inc. FM/DAB, UnitiQute 2 BT, Uniti 2 BT, and Superuniti BT.

There's even a NAP 250 and NAP 300 power amp both used and admittedly not the DR versions. But if they are the upgradable versions of these power amps, Naim do offer a service and upgrade - ideas, ideas!

You can read more about what's in the sale via the first link below.

The second link has more on the new Audioquest Dragonflies both Red and Black.

The third link has more on the Marantz PM6006 and CD6006.


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