Audio Emotion eBay Sale With 99 p Starts And No Reserves

Review - Arcam irDAC

Arcam irDAC

Audio Emotion eBay Sale With 99 p Starts And No Reserves
A udio Emotion are holding a stock clearing eBay sale, with some (not all) HiFi Items starting at 99 p with no reserve ! The Arcam airDAC is in this category, as to are the PSB M4U2 headphones and Ortofon Rondo Blue Moving Coil Cartridge. There's an irDAC currently at £90. If nobody else bids though you could see some serious bargains !

There are some more expensive items such as Naim Ovators, Rega RS7 Loudspeakers , cherry finish and Linn Akurate speakers but all start at well below list price.

You can more about the Audio Emotion eBay Sale and see which items are no longer 99 p via the first of the yellow links below.

HiFi Enthusiast also has more on the latest from Arcam - including the airDAC, via the second of the yellow buttons below :-

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