Audio Affair's Ex Demo And Graded HiFi Summer 2016 Sale

Review - Arcam A19 - FMJ Integrated amp

Arcam A19 - FMJ Integrated amp

Audio Affair's Ex Demo And Graded HiFi Summer 2016 Sale
A udio Affair are selling off "ex demo" or "ex display" items. According to Audio Affair - most are pristine one offs, so grab yourself a bargain while they are still available. This section also contains "graded" or "B Grade" bargains, which may simply have a slightly tatty box or minor mark but are otherwise boxed and complete with a warranty (refer to each item for details).

Just on page 1 there's an Arcam A19 and even an A39 integrated amp considerably reduced.

Going on further there are many Cyrus digital products, DALI Rubicon speakers and Tannoy Revolution speakers and Roksan electronics and Sennheiser headphones.

There's even a Naim Fraim Lite Hi-Fi Stand (Base + 4 Shelves Black + Silver) - Ex Demo - RRP: £1,705.00 - Sale price £999.00 Save 40% - Rare offer!

This isn't the most expensive item though ATC and the SCM40 speakers take the gold medal here with silver going to the DALI Rubicon 5 speakers and bronze to the Dali Fazon F5 Speakers (Pair) - Gloss Red - Ex Demo.

Link to the sale is the first yellow button. The next two have more from HiFi Enthusiast on Arcam.


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