Arcam miniBlink - 'High-Definition Bluetooth' Universal Streaming microDAC now available in the U.K.

Review - Arcam miniBlink

Arcam miniBlink

Arcam miniBlink - 'High-Definition Bluetooth' Universal Streaming microDAC now available in the U.K.
A fter production delays and stock shortages, the £89 Arcam miniBlink has at last reached retail in quantity.

One quick listen will show you, that there’s no comparison between ordinary Bluetooth and Arcam Re-Engineered BluetoothHD.

Any form of audio, Hi-Fi, dock, ghetto blaster etc. can be upgraded to play music from almost any device, Mac, PC, iPhone/Pad/Pod, Android Phones / Windows Phones / Phablets / Tablets et al, all in a compact portable design at a sensible price.

The Arcam miniBlink brings unprecedented High-Definition Bluetooth sound quality, to a very wide audience and represents the easiest and most flexible way to access music from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Charlie Brennan, MD of Arcam commented “Simply put, the miniBlink sounds better than ANY other Bluetooth streamer made, apart from our own £160 Arcam rBlink. The quality is so good, that in demos, most listeners are convinced they are hearing a CD player."

The Arcam miniBlink offers :-

- High-Definition Bluetooth Streaming

- Bluetooth upgrade for anything audio

- Bluetooth upgrade for Sonos Speakers

- Bluetooth upgrade for Arcam rCube owners

- Advanced audio streaming for Android, Apple, PC, Mac, iPad, Tablet, Phone and more

Building on the acclaimed Arcam rBlink, the Arcam miniBlink is the first in the new Arcam mini range of digital micro-components at affordable prices for mass & online distribution.

The Arcam miniBlink features are:-

- Tiny, just 40g, ultra-portable and stylish

- Arcam/CSR Blue Core 7 low-noise Bluetooth front-end

- apt-X Low Latency (but the performance comes from Arcam tech as much as apt-X)

- signal de-jittered, cleaned and using an ultra-quality internal DAC

- high-performance internal antennae

- Bluetooth in, Analogue Stereo out

The Arcam miniBlink uses the advanced Bluetooth front-end and DAC technology from Arcam’s High-Definition Bluetooth £160 / $300 rBlink, but has been carefully re-engineered to lower the price by 50%.

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