Arcam launch the miniBlink Bluetooth receiver

Review - Arcam miniBlink

Arcam miniBlink

Arcam launch the miniBlink Bluetooth receiver
T he Arcam miniBlink is a simple, pocket sized (and rather attractive) Bluetooth receiver designed to allow absolutely any Hi-Fi system to receive music from a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer. The Arcam miniBlink uses the renowned aptX™ transmission system meaning a crystal clear sound with quick and simple pairing of devices.

A mini-USB power socket, 3.5mm audio output jack and pairing button are all that is needed to get the Arcam miniBlink streaming music to any audio system with a 'line level' input. The Arcam miniBlink's audio circuitry is engineered by Arcam to ensure real audiophile sound quality. The Arcam miniBlink even comes with a PSU and all required cables!

The Arcam miniBlink will be available in the first quarter of 2014.

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