Acoustic Research Launch The UA1 - Portable USB DAC And Headphone Amp

Review - Acoustic Research UA1

Acoustic Research UA1

Acoustic Research Launch The UA1 - Portable USB DAC And Headphone Amp
T he £399.99 Acoustic Research UA1 is a portable Hi-Res Audio capable USB DAC combined with a powerful headphone amp. The asynchronous USB DAC section of the UA1 is capable of decoding 24 bit /192 kHz PCM - WAV, AIFF, ALAC, and FLAC Computer Audio files. The UA1 doesn’t stop there but can also decode DSD both DSD64/DSD128 and even DXD. The format being decoded is displayed via a Multicolour LED Status display at the front of the UA1. The headphone output is high powered and capable of driving high impedance headphones. The UA1 can even be used as a digital preamp by connecting it up via the gold plated RCA outputs to a conventional HiFi system and using the high quality Alps volume control.

Additionally the UA1 uses high-grade audiophile components throughout with exceptional attention paid to build quality in the design of the digital, analogue and power stages. Plus aerospace grade aluminium is used in the outer casing (as seen in a top portable DAC from another highly regarded DAC manufacturer a few letters on in the alphabet from Acoustic Research !)

The UA1 is host powered so draws its power from the 5 Volt USB connection. No mains connection then is needed.

The UA1 even comes with a free copy of the industry best in class JRiver Media Centre playback software for both Mac and Windows.

Finally the UA1 has a Toslink Digital out allowing it to be used as a USB to SPDIF converter.


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