Acoustic Energy 1 series AE101 speaker wins Russian Salon AV Magazine Group Test

Review - Acoustic Energy Series 1

Acoustic Energy Series 1

Acoustic Energy 1 series AE101 speaker wins Russian Salon AV Magazine Group Test
A coustic Energy has announced that they’ve just received the first review of the 1-Series the 101 speakers at £275 a pair from the Russian Salon AV Magazine. Tried and tested amongst a select range of 13 other brands the 101 came out on top and was crowned the “Grand Prix Winner”. That’s no mean feat when you see some of the competition they were up against…

The Boston Acoustics M25, Focal 705, Monitor Audio Silver 1, Martin Logan Motion 15 and (at double the price!) the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision 2013 award-winners, the Q Acoustics Concept 20! At just £275 a pair the 101’s offer exceptional sound, style and value for money.

Here are a few select quotes translated from the review:

“These monitors have a very natural tonal balance. AE-101 has a wide dynamic range. Fast and precise bass. Open and clear midrange with good balance and fine detail.”

“…the soundstage is very certain. Sounds and instruments are located exactly in their places. Front line sounds feels incredibly natural. Sometimes you get feeling that you can touch the sounds.”

The review is in Russian so I haven't included a link here. You can go to the Acoustic Energy web site to read it via the first link below and get more info on the latest Acoustic energy products including the Acoustic Energy 1 series speakers from HiFi Enthusiast via the second link below :-

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