AVForums Take On Whether The Simaudio Moon ACE - Trumps The Other All In One Players

Review - Moon Neo ACE

Moon Neo ACE

AVForums Take On Whether The Simaudio Moon ACE - Trumps The Other All In One Players
M oon's new Moon Neo ACE, all in one streamer is reviewed by AV Forums. AV Forums award the Neo ACE mostly 9s with a few 8 out of 10s and a "Highly Recommended" Commendation. The Moon Neo ACE's review price was £2,800.00.

In summary, AV Forums says "The £2,800 question for the Simaudio Moon Neo ACE is whether it manages to sound like a device that costs, well, £2,800? The short answer is yes. When I test a system of this nature, one of the abstract but necessary challenges is to think if there is a selection of equipment I would happily choose, to take it on, for the same price. In the case of the ACE, there are collections of separate bits that could keep it honest, but this ignores the convenience, integration and flexibility that the Simaudio brings with it.

Most importantly, this is a great sounding piece of equipment. The ACE is able to handle pretty much anything you choose to throw at it because it puts so little of itself into the presentation. If you are the sort of person who's music collection is all over the place, this is one of the most effective ways of doing justice to all of it. For some people the, flexibility of separate units will win out but it's hard to ignore just how much the ACE does and how well it does it. This is a seriously accomplished all-in-one system and one that comes Highly Recommended.".


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