AV Forums has reviewed Acoustic Energy's AE100

Review - Acoustic Energy AE100

Acoustic Energy AE100

AV Forums has reviewed Acoustic Energy's AE100
A V Forums has reviewed Acoustic Energy's AE100, 2 way speakers. The AE100's review price was £200.00. The AE100 gets 8 out of 10 from AV Forums.

■ The main positives are: Lovely midrange coherence and tonality - Attractive - Easy to drive.

■ Negatives points were: Sightly soft at the frequency extremes - Won't flatter poor equipment - Limited finish options.

AV Forums summarises the AE100 as "After a period where many speaker companies seemed determined to ensure that new speaker ranges started at £400 and up, we're in a bit of a purple patch for affordable loudspeakers. These compact models are more than something that will end up as a pair of rear speakers in an AV system and this extra effort really pays dividends. The Acoustic Energy AE100 pitches into this contest with a slightly different take on the requirements for a speaker at this price.".

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