AV Forums gives the R500 from KEF the once over in a new review

Review - KEF R Series

KEF R Series

AV Forums gives the R500 from KEF the once over in a new review
A V Forums gives the R500, floor standing speakers, from KEF the once over in a new review. The R500's price at the time of the review was £1,500.00. The R500 gets 8 out of 10 from AV Forums.

■ The R500's assets were its: Superbly refined and engaging sound - Handsome appearance - Excellent build.

■ The main negatives are: Bass can be slightly overblown - Fairly demanding of partnering equipment - Tricky packaging.

AV Forums sums the R500 up as "The KEF R500 has been in place for long enough to see use in a variety of situations and with a fair amount of other equipment. In that time that have stood in my listening room attracting nothing but positive comment for their design and aesthetics. This is a handsome and capable speaker and one that is going to work well in a variety of spaces. It is important to note that the KEF is not a one size fits all solution to making any audio system better.".

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