A new review of the UDP-205 Universal Player from Oppo by AV Forums

Review - Oppo UDP-205

Oppo UDP-205

A new review of the UDP-205 Universal Player from Oppo by AV Forums
O ppo's new Blu-ray Players/Recorders the UDP-205 is out and AV Forums has given their verdict. The UDP-205's price at the time of the review was £1,399.00. The UDP-205 gets 9 out of 10 from the respected reviewer.

■ The UDP-205's assets were its: Flawless playback - Universal disc support - Dolby Vision support - Impressive 4K upscaling - HDR metadata stripping - Reference audio performance - Twin HDMI outputs - Attractive design - Superb build quality.

■ Weak points for the UDP-205 were: No streaming services - Very expensive.

AV Forums summarises the UDP-205 as "The Oppo UDP-205 is an exceptional player that sets a new benchmark for both audio and video performance. The build quality is second to none, whilst the construction ensures that the player is not only isolated from vibrations but nearly silent in operation. The remote is well designed, connections extensive, loading times quick, playback flawless, disc navigation responsive and HDMI handshaking reliable.".

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