A new review of the Quad VA-One from Quad by AV Forums

Review - Quad VA-One

Quad VA-One

A new review of the Quad VA-One from Quad by AV Forums
D oes Quad's new Quad VA-One justify its billing? - AV Forums has given its verdict. The Quad VA-One's review price was £1,300.00. In summary AV Forums believes that the Quad VA-One merits 9 out of 10.

■ The main positives are: Wonderfully dynamic and opening sound - Exceptional build quality - Useful connectivity.

■ Negatives points were: Won't work with insensitive speakers - Runs rather hot - Slightly clunky controls.

AV Forums summarises the Quad VA-One with "When I discussed with Quad about the possibility of reviewing the VA-One for AVForums I had visions of writing a conclusion along the lines of the amp being lovely but something of a novelty – a mechanical pocket watch in a world of wrist mounted computers, perfectly capable of telling the time but rather outclassed in every other regard. It hasn't really worked out that way. This is because behind that retro exterior is an amplifier that makes an incredible amount of sense in 2016.".

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