A new review of the Audiolab M-DAC Mini from Audiolab by What Hi-Fi

Review - Audiolab M-DAC Mini

Audiolab M-DAC Mini

A new review of the Audiolab M-DAC Mini from Audiolab by What Hi-Fi
T he new cut down Audiolab M-DAC Mini is reviewed by What Hi-Fi. The Audiolab M-DAC Mini's review price was £300. The Audiolab M-DAC Mini gets 4 stars from the respected reviewer.

■ Positive points were: Decent amount of detail - Spacious, well-balanced sound - Numerous inputs including Bluetooth.

■ The Audiolab M-DAC Mini's weaknesses were its: Ultimately short of expression and dynamic impetus - Disappointing casework.

What Hi-Fi's summary of the Audiolab M-DAC Mini is "The latter (the Oppo HA-2 SE which is used as a comparison) makes a greater deal of the way in which notes are being played, their differing intensity, which makes listening through it less analytical and, ultimately, more entertaining. It isn't a case of the M-DAC Mini sounding downright dull, but it lacks the overall musicality that would leave us clamouring to add one to our system over its Oppo rival. Yet its talents are abundant, as is are its options of input. For those seeking a finely balanced, spacious performance with plenty of detail, the M-DAC Mini is diminutive only in size.".

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