5 New speakers from Mains Cables R Us

Review - Mains Cables R Us - Speaker Range

Mains Cables R Us - Speaker Range

5 New speakers from Mains Cables R Us
I 'd always thought of Mains Cables R Us or MCRU as an accessories company so was surprised to find out that they have their own speaker range.

There are 5 speakers in the range, the top end Alexander Acoustics Concrete Loudspeakers (which no one should dismiss without hearing them first), electricbeach frugel 3 horn loudspeakers and a matching family trio from MCRU , named after the size of each speakers main drivers, MCRU No.101, MCRU No.127 and MCRU No.165. Overall there is a speaker to suit every budget and system without going stratospheric. All are unique in design and will enhance modern or contemporary homes with a choice of wood finishes, even the concrete speakers can be made using a colour scheme to match your homes decor.

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