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Review - Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax DS

Linn New DS or DSM player - Trade In Offer
T he offer from Linn is trade in any music player and receive 10% off any Linn DS or DSM player. The offer expires on 31st January 2016.

Review - Sneaky DSM

Sneaky DSM

Linn End Pre-Amplifier Production and Offer Pre-Amp Trade In Deal
J ust As Linn ceased manufacturing CD Players back in 2009, Linn have now called time on any more analogue Linn Pre Amps. Linn have a simple reason for this - Their DSM digital technology is now way better than anything they could do in the purely analogue domain. Linn DSM players can be connected to a turntable so are not purely digital source devices. In the digital domain they offer Space Optimisation (A room acoustic / speaker placement sound quality correction mechanism) and connection to streaming services such as Tidal , Qobuz and Spotify way beyond analogue capabilities.

Review - Stoneaudio Linn Akubarik to Linn Exact upgrade offer

Stoneaudio Linn Akubarik to Linn Exact upgrade offer
D on't know what the take up rate will be , but it's nice to see offers to upgrade previously bought kit to the latest versions. Rather than have to start from scratch buying new again.

Review - Linn Streamer Offfer

Linn Streamer Offfer
B uy any Klimax, Akurate or Majik network music player before Tuesday 18th February and receive a selection of gifts, including a Mac Mini, Apple TV, online music & video subscriptions and £100s of Studio Master music voucher.


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