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Review - Roon Labs appoints head of sales and marketing

Roon Labs appoints head of sales and marketing
R oon Labs announced today the appointment of Steve Silberman as Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Steve comes to Roon with a wealth of experience, most recently at AudioQuest, where he was Vice President of Development. There, he co-created the DragonFly product line and led AudioQuest’s computer audio initiatives. Prior to AudioQuest, Steve was the national Sales and Marketing Manager for Ayre Acoustics. In his new role, Steve will be charged with expanding Roon’s presence in the dealer and distribution channel.

Review - CAD - GC1 Ground Control

CAD - GC1 Ground Control

News From Computer Audio Design Or CAD
C AD are exhibiting at the HiFi News Show next weekend the 29th/30th of October in Old Windsor. This will be their third year at this "higher end" UK show. CAD are in Lancaster Suite 1 once again, using amplification and speakers from GamuT Audio. Their designer, Benno Meldgaard, is coming over from Denmark. CAD are also showing off Quadraspire’s new X reference stand.

For the past two years CAD have done the Munich High End show in Germany with Sven Boenicke from Switzerland. He is also coming to the Windsor show to play some of his smaller speakers.

Review - Tannoy Eclipse 3

Tannoy Eclipse 3

TANNOY Honoured at What Hi-Fi Awards 2016
T ANNOY was presented with two awards at the prestigious What Hi-Fi Awards 2016, which celebrated its 40th Anniversary in London earlier this week. Both awards were in the best floor standing speaker category. The Eclipse 3 and the Revolution XT 6F were selected as the best in their categories, with the Revolution XT 6F receiving this award for the second consecutive year!

Review - Tannoy GRF 90

Tannoy GRF 90

TANNOY Gains New Leadership with James Bradbury
M USIC, parent company of world leading audio brand TANNOY, has today announced the appointment of a new Vice President to lead its Lifestyle Division. The news comes as the TANNOY brand continues its transformative growth, creating innovative, high-end audio solutions. The company welcomes James Bradbury to execute an ambitious vision to strengthen TANNOY’s market leading position.

Review - Naim Mu-So Qb

Naim Mu-So Qb

Naim Mu-so Qb takes home a gold medal for HiFi Team GB at the EISA Awards 2016
T he Naim Mu-so Qb, a compact wireless music system and little brother to the Naim Mu-so, has won the highly sought-after EISA Award for Best Compact Hi-Fi System, just as the original Naim Mu-so did in 2015. The EISA award badge is reserved for the single best products within their categories chosen by a panel of 15 expert judges - the editors of specialist audio magazines from across Europe, who have been running the awards for 33 years.

Review - Chord Mojo

Chord Mojo

2nd Gold Medal For HiFi Team GB thanks to the Chord Mojo At the Eisa Awards
C hord Electronics has won a major European technology award for its ground-breaking Mojo DAC/headphone amplifier. The diminutive British-made portable device, which enables up to studio-grade sound quality from smartphones and digitally connected devices, has earned an official EISA award for European USB DAC/headphone amplifier 2016-2017.

Review - SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

The Benefits Of Two Sub Woofers
A short article from Sound and Vision explaining how you can connect up two sub woofers if your amp only has one sub woofer out. They then go onto talk about the merrits of two sub woofers, one per channel.

Review - Libratone Zipp

Libratone Zipp

USA Today's take on Libratone
A view from across the pond on Libratone curtesy of USA Today. They see that a speaker needs mobility, design and versatility in the "early settler" lifestyle of the 25- to 35-year-old demographic, heavy-duty tech users who are taking their visually appealing technology with them — whether at home, at the beach or at work.

Review - Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Meridian Explorer DAC 2

MQA Ltd has hired Warner music label exec as CEO
M usic technology company MQA has hired Warner Music executive Mike Jbara to lead the company as CEO and sit on the Board of MQA Ltd.

Review - Linn 5 Series

Linn 5 Series

Learn More About Linn's Exakt Technology
L inn have updated their web site with more on their Exakt technology and the key benefits that it brings to HiFi sound quality. Exakt addresses the problem that all two driver speakers have of high frequencies arriving at the human ear before low frequencies. The delay to the lower frequencies is caused by them spending longer getting through the speaker's cross over. Some speaker manufacturers such as Mission and KEF have addressed this problem by placing the tweeter below the woofer so that the high frequencies have further to travel. Exakt solves the problem of high frequencies arriving at the human ear before low frequencies by electronically delaying the speaker emitting the high frequencies.

Review - IAG Appoints Group CEO

IAG Appoints Group CEO
I nternational Audio Group (IAG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Darrell Huggins as Group CEO. Darrell will be based at IAG’s global headquarters in Shenzhen, China and will focus on strengthening the team and brand portfolio worldwide.

Review - Audiolab 8300CD - CD Player

Audiolab 8300CD - CD Player

Get The Best Sound From Your CD Player
T here are lots of articles on getting the best sound from your turntable but here's one, from What Hi-Fi on getting the best from your CD player. There's overlap with optimal turntable sound in making sure that the CD player is level and disks are clean but there are some digital specific tricks revealed.

Review - AKG Y50BT - Wireless Headphones

AKG Y50BT - Wireless Headphones

The History Of Headphones
A n article tracing the development of headphones through time. The article starts in 1881 with a black and white picture of a lady wearing a vintage pair complete with what looks like an amp sticking out in front. By 1891 the attached amp was gone but the pole held , stethoscopic headphones bare little relevance to today's models.

Review - Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Can People Hear Any Differences Between CD and Hi-Res Audio ?
T o some Hi-Res Audio is audibly better than CD quality, others can't tell a difference. In the article below AES conduct over 12,000 different trials where participants were asked to discriminate between formats. Overall, listeners could distinguish between the formats, especially if they had been trained to hear a difference. This is the first time that formal meta-analysis techniques have been applied to audio engineering research.

Review - AKG Y40 Headphones

AKG Y40 Headphones

The Increase In Headphone Sightings In Public
A n article from the New Yorker magazine on the increasing number of people seen out in public, wearing headphones. Even competitors at Wimbledon now wear them out onto court. The article starts out with :-

Review - These new machines can press 3 records a minute and may just save the vinyl industry

These new machines can press 3 records a minute and may just save the vinyl industry
T he demand for vinyl records is rapidly outpacing manufacturers’ capacity to supply vinyl records. Some old presses have been pressed back into action but this isn't enough. The article looks at two brand new machines for 2016 record pressing, including computerisation which wasn't in the old presses.

Review - Cambridge Audio CXA80

Cambridge Audio CXA80

Should you Bi-Wire your speakers by Cambridge Audio
C ambridge Audio launches into the hot debate as to whether you should bi-wire your speakers and come out with a firm "No" :-

Review - Absolute Sounds to distribute dCS

Absolute Sounds to distribute dCS
A bsolute Sounds has been appointed as sole UK distributor of dCS audio equipment with immediate effect. Based near Cambridge, dCS is a world leader in digital audio replay systems for domestic and professional use. The company is widely acknowledged to have pushed the digital audio performance envelope as a result of its many proprietary technologies, most famously the dCS Ring DAC – a shining example of British technological ingenuity.

Review - Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Benchmark Wonder Whether Meridian's MQA IS DOA
G uess Meridian and Benchmark won't be sending each other Christmas cards after this critical piece from Benchmark on Meridian's MQA computer audio format. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated - Which is a new computer audio format that allows Hi-Res Audio to be delivered in files the size of CD rips.

Review - Cambridge Audio - Azur 851D Digital-to-Analogue Converter

Cambridge Audio - Azur 851D Digital-to-Analogue Converter

What is Asynchronous USB Audio By Cambridge Audio
C ambridge Audio explain asynchronous USB audio and what it actually means. They cover the basics of USB audio transfer and take a look at the different types of USB audio DAC: Synchronous, Adaptive and Asynchronous.

Review - Rega Rp3 with Elys2

Rega Rp3 with Elys2

How A Rega Planar 3 Turntable Is Built
I n view of the vinyl revival - a short video from What Hi-Fi where they visit the Rega Research factory in Southend and see the exact steps involved in creating the new Rega Planar 3 (RP3) turntable. The video starts from a stack of pre-drilled RP3 plinths and finishes with the fully assembled RP3.

Review - Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC

Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC

Why do we need clocks - Audio Master Clocks Fundamentals Part 1
A ntelope Audio, who use an extremely accurate 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock in their Zodiac Platinum USB DAC , offer more info on clocks in digital audio recording and playback. Antelope look at both word clocks and bit clocks. A word clock identifies when each individual sample should be recorded or re-played. A bit clock is used over a digital connection to say when digital samples stop and the next begins.

Review - What is aptX HD

What is aptX HD
A ptX has featured many times on HiFi Enthusiast as a codec offering near CD quality Bluetooth replay. aptX HD goes beyond this to offer Hi-Res Audio Bluetooth. aptX HD is still in its infancy, (although the LG G5 Smartphone supports aptX HD), but What Hi-Fi sees aptX HD as the solution for a current trend:-

Review - Kef LS50

Kef LS50

What is more accurate: Speakers or Headphones By CNet
C Net ask the question - What's more accurate: Speakers or Headphones and needless to say can't really answer it ! They point out that headphones offer better sound per pound than speakers and conclude that the debate will continue !

Review - How to store your record collection in 8 steps.

How to store your record collection in 8 steps.
T he article starts out with the top issue brought up by the anti-vinyl brigade - surface noise that vinyl makes when it is playing. The snap, crackle, pops, the background hiss, the clicks and more. People who dislike vinyl point their fingers at this issue as if a design flaw. The article then goes onto say that this noise is not a design flaw but a consequence of poor storage then offers tips - 8 in total on the best ways to store your vinyl.

Review - Pioneer - XDP-100R

Pioneer - XDP-100R

What Is Hi-Res Audio By Sound and Vision
A n intro to Hi-Res Audio by Sound and Vision. The article starts from basics such as What is Hi-Res Audio? then goes onto ask what audible benefits does Hi-Res Audio provide? and why should consumers care about Hi-Res Audio? The article stresses that you don't need to be a techie to think about playing Hi-Res Audio and looks at streaming options for Hi-Res Audio.

Review - Naim Mu-So Qb

Naim Mu-So Qb

Naim Mu-So Qb Makes It into Playboy
T he Naim Mu-So QB wireless multiroom speaker has made it into a Playboy want list sitting above an Aston Martin Vulcan ! The reason for this desirability being that the Mu-So QB delivers more oomph and audiophile sound.

Review - The History Of Record Store Day By Richer Sounds

The History Of Record Store Day By Richer Sounds
I t’s Record Store Day again April 16th 2016 and is a one day event, where vinyl music lovers scour their local record store (or Sainsbury’s now) for a new gem to add to their collections. Richer Sound take a look at Record Store Day asking how did it become so popular - in fact Universal music see Record Store Day as “The single best thing that has ever happened to the indie stores.” As with the vinyl renaissance Record Store is a relatively new event officially founded in 2007, after a brainstorming meeting of record stores owners in Baltimore, USA. It’s coordinated in the UK by Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA). Taking place in April each year to celebrate the unique culture of independent record stores, Record Store Day looks to bring together artists, fans and independent record stores worldwide.

Review - How To Set Up Your Turntable For Passive Or Powered Speakers By Klipsch

How To Set Up Your Turntable For Passive Or Powered Speakers By Klipsch
A nother article for April 16th 2016 as Record Store Day - How to set up your turntable for passive or powered speakers from Klipsch. This article probably also celebrates the fact that Klipsch now make both turntables (after years of being speaker / headphone orientated) and powered speakers. Unfortunately the Klipsch RP-15M powered or active bookshelf speakers, mentioned in the article, aren't yet available (at the time of writing) in the UK. However the advice applies to all powered speakers.

Review - Meridian Explorer DAC 2

Meridian Explorer DAC 2

A Comprehensive Q&A about MQA With Meridian's Bob Stuart
D efinitely not Record Store Day related this one - a comprehensive Q&A about MQA (a new computer audio format that allows Hi-Res Audio files to be delivered in files no bigger than CD rips, and more !) with Meridian's Bob Stuart. Meridian's Explorer DAC 2 is capable of decoding MQA. The interview is very comprehensive and frank comprising no fewer than 83 questions and 16 references. However it's not technically bamboozling and can be understood by the HiFi Enthusiast.


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